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Property & Cliques
By Jeff Banks

Property and cliques, they are everywhere, clouding the would be investor with thoughts of mystique and hard work.

There are three P’s to property – position, position, position, the “white shoe brigade”, renovators dream, up and coming neighbourhood, just to name a few. The fog they create stop many would be investors in their tracks before they even take the real first step.

For those who have seen me speak around the property stages, you will know I have certain expertise in the areas of property investment, particularly in the areas of taxation, transaction structuring and the like.The most alarming realisation from my time on the speaking circuit is that although attendees will spend thousands of dollars on courses and personal development to assist them in the endeavours less than 10% will actually proceed past the course attendance.


For most – it simply becomes all too hard, what with sourcing a suitable property, financing, conveyancing, and eventual tenanting and the issues that brings, not to mention taxation, insurances and other management issues, the dream of owning an investment property, building wealth towards either retirement or a legacy for your loved ones, soon seems to become a nightmare. Many of the property gurus play on this, encouraging you to purchase the next in their series, building their wealth, not yours.

That’s not how it should be. Experts should be there to impart knowledge, educate us, so we can go forth with that new found knowledge and multiply. Empathy for those sitting in the seats, (having handed over their hard earned), to hear “experts” sprouting buzzwords and industry terms with the outcome of swimming heads in a sea of mystique, I see is in very little supply.

But, there are too many variables, plus as “virgins” in the industry, there is a lot we know we don’t know, not to mention that we don’t know we don’t know.

Property is the one investment that is easily touched and felt. Unlike commodities, shares etc, bricks and mortar are “solid” investments. Yes there are risks, and the financial gurus in the room would suggest the share market over time out performs property investment, but a Global Financial Crisis (GFC), a market correction can wipe off significant amounts of equity, and whilst it will recover, eventually as history shows, there are still significant risks within an investment strategy based solely around equities.

So, that still doesn’t take away the hard work involved in property investment.

I know property and in the areas I am not expert I know people who are, so I thought what if I could take away all the hard work of property investment and simply set up a business which would just do it. Enter Shaun Davison plus a few others we know to have the same passion for not only property but an empathy for their clients goals.

Like the original Starsky and Hutch (and here I mean the Paul Michael Glasser and David Soul version not the Stiller/Wilson one) we created Property Portfolio Solutions, a business not only aimed at the 90% but also to anyone looking to build their property asset wealth AND maintain it, with a minimum of fuss or worry.

Property Portfolio Solutions or PPS as we like to shorten it to, has one mission

– “We inspire confidence through simplifying your property investments” –

linked to our vision

– “We will create a legacy of personalised success through committing to our clients dreams”

– sums up what we are about at PPS.

Once we ascertain your goals and dreams, our team of experts headed by Shaun and myself, will take all the hard work of sourcing the right style of property, financing, management of construction (if that is what you see as the right investment), settlement, tenancy and then property management. We will ensure all the bills are paid and the right insurances are in place – all for one fee in year one. Continuing management will also be a part of what we do, right up until you want to sell, and we can assist with that as well.

Our catchcry is “Your legacy is Our inspiration” and our approach based on what inspires you, will make your legacy seem so much easier to achieve. We are easily contacted by going to our website where the start or even the continuation of your property portfolio is made simple.

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