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Building your Property Portfolio Legacy

Tax Reporting

A Step Towards Building Your Legacy

Building a property portfolio with the right team will super charge your results.

Property Portfolio Solutions is uniquely placed to make your dreams a reality. Our team can navigate you through and attend to all the parts of the transaction.

WE WILL support you through the journey until your property goals become reality.

A little about us

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The Path to YOUR Legacy

As property investment specialists who work closely with you, we can help you feel more confident about achieving the goals that are most important to you


Understanding your WHY

We feel one of our greatest assets are our ears - listening and understanding

Property Portfolio management

Create the Path

Planning the journey around the understanding, checking your present abilities to access finance etc


Sourcing YOUR Property

The right mix properties in the correct order can make a huge difference in maximising your Portfolio's Potential


Manage the process

Have our experts complete the transactions, manage construction where necessary, arrange insurance of assets etc until hand over


But it Doesn't stop there

Once the property is ready and available for occupation our management experts will have it tenanted and manage the property for the duration, reporting to you on a monthly basis, paying the necessary bills and providing your accountant with your annual tax statement. We can even arrange payment of mortgages from the rents if needed.


The choice is clear

It doesn't stop there. Legacies of the type we are speaking may take multiple properties to achieve. When the time is right we can start the process again, and again as needed. We can even help you sell your property if that is the plan.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being totally different to most financial advisers. Here’s why:


WE WILL sit and listen to your WHY

WE WILL present you with a detailed plan for creating your legacy

WE WILL map out the plan, payments schedules and all relevant costs

WE WILL source an appropriate property for you based on your WHY

WE WILL manage the purchase and/or construction of your investment

WE WILL arrange tenanting and management of your property

WE WILL arrange all the necessary taxation reports for your accountant

WHEN THE TIME COMES we will even assist you with the sale of your investment property

Take away the stress of Indecision

We love taking the stress out of our client’s lives by helping them get on top of often complex property investment decisions.

Let us do it all for you

Once the WHY is understood, the plan is mapped then we MAKE IT HAPPEN

Understanding your WHY is everything to us

We go the extra mile to foster close relationships with our clients and make their needs our top priority.

Not just Advisers

More than just advisers, our clients rely on us as trusted partners to help them through life’s changes.

Keeping you fully informed

Transparency is a word that means everything to us. We report to you on a regular basis right through the process.

Looking forward ALWAYS

Our services are never a one off. Legacies take time, plans change and challenges present themselves. Our clients are part of our family and are treated that way. We are all in this together

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Complimentary "Understanding Your WHY" Meeting

As the first step in discovering how to build your legacy, take advantage of a complimentary Understanding Your WHY Meeting, where we’ll listen, then show you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Once you decide property is the best option for you.

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