Building Legacies – the Book

Unleashing the Power of Your Real Estate Portfolio by Jeff Banks

Building Legacies:
Unleashing the Power of Your Real Estate Portfolio
By Jeff Banks

Foreword by Shaun Davison

In the world of property investing, experience is truly invaluable. It is through years of learning, adapting, and witnessing the successes and failures of others that one gains the wisdom to navigate the complex landscape of wealth creation through property. Jeff Banks, the author of this remarkable book, is someone who possesses such invaluable experience. I have had the privilege of knowing Jeff for many years, both as a friend and as a fellow property investor. Throughout his impressive 45-year career as an accountant specialising in income tax returns for property investors, Jeff has been privy to the inner workings of countless investment strategies. He has seen firsthand the triumphs and the pitfalls, the highs and the lows, and most importantly, the “errors” committed by many in their pursuit of wealth through property.

What sets Jeff apart is not just his expertise in numbers and tax laws, but his deep understanding of the human element behind property investment. Jeff truly values the relationships he builds with his clients, and what starts as a professional connection soon blossoms into a genuine friendship. It is this alignment of values and the connection that goes beyond the typical client/advisor relationship that sets Jeff apart.

Through his extensive experience and unwavering dedication to his clients, Jeff has witnessed the struggles that many aspiring property investors face. He has seen the potential for wealth creation and the missed opportunities due to hesitation, confusion, or a lack of knowledge. This realisation sparked a desire within both Jeff and myself to make a difference in the lives of those who attend property seminars, but never take the next step to actually invest. We wanted to reach out to those who find themselves entangled in investments and transactions that are not aligned with their goals.

It is this burning passion to give back that led us to create Property Portfolio Solutions. Jeff, not content with just providing expert advice from the stage, sought to create a platform where he could truly make a lasting impact. With Property Portfolio Solutions, we have made it our mission to assist the 90% of people who attend property seminars and help them take that crucial next step towards building their own property portfolio.

In reading this book, you will not only gain insights from Jeff’s 45 years of experience, but you will also witness the passion and integrity of the highest order. Jeff’s commitment to helping everyone he encounters shines through in every page. His guidance, advice, and personal anecdotes will inspire you to overcome any obstacles and embark on your own successful property investment journey.

So, dear reader, I urge you to embrace the wisdom and knowledge that Jeff Banks imparts in these pages. Allow his expertise to guide you, his stories to motivate you, and his unwavering commitment to help to inspire you. With this book as your companion, you are embarking on a journey that will forever change your perspective on property investment.

Shaun Davison
Co-Founder, Property Portfolio Solutions

Introduction - The Foundation of Legacies

The Setting

As I reflect on the journey that has brought me here, I am reminded of the winding path that led me from humble beginnings on a farm to the visionary founder of Property Portfolio Solutions. My name is Jeff Banks, and my story is woven from the threads of Indigenous heritage and white English lineage. 60,000 years plus of the meanderings of the Wiradjuri people of which my great grandfather William Ferguson was one (a statue of which now adorns the main street of Dubbo in central NSW), through the wanderlust of the great botanist Sir Joseph Banks all forming part of my “great big melting pot”. From these roots, I’ve grown to understand the true worth of family, community, and the land.

The farmlands of my youth instilled within me a profound appreciation for property, a realisation that its value extends far beyond the surface. Those early years taught me that a solid foundation is the cornerstone of success, whether tilling the earth or navigating the intricate landscape of finance.

My journey began with the scent of the soil, the crops it can produce and the livestock grazing pastures, still lingering on my hands. I transitioned from farm life to the world of numbers and spreadsheets, becoming a taxation accountant now with over 45 years of experience. Specialising in tax returns and financial management for property investors and developers, I honed my skills and developed a keen insight into the potential of property as a pathway to financial freedom.

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