Passengers can be Drivers

I remember back to a family gathering many years ago where my father was counselling a young cousin (who went on to become a moderately successful Auscar driver in his time) about piloting a vehicle. He said to young Tony there are two types of people in racing – steerers and drivers. The difference can be personified between the nickname of 2 time Bathurst 1000 winner Russell Ingall – the Enforcer and the gentry of grey nomads touring this great land.


A Russell Ingall will drive a car to its limits and beyond whereas a grey nomad seeking the joy of the journey will hitch the van on the back of the car, and stop here and there to enjoy what the view has to offer and move on.


Potential Property Investors I would suggest have a third potential category – the passenger – and all three live within us.

Our catchcry is “Your legacy is Our inspiration” and our approach based on what inspires you, will make your legacy seem so much easier to achieve. We are easily contacted by going to the home page on our website where the start or even the continuation of your property portfolio is made simple.

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